Top 5: Abandoned Sites Around The World

by Jenna Payesko

Oct 12, 2016

I.M. Cooling Tower, Monceau, Belgium © Lennart Tange | Flickr

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As Halloween approaches and the fright fests and scary movies begin, here are the top five abandoned sites across the world. Sure there is something spooky about them, but there is also something undeniably intriguing and interesting.


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I.M. Cooling Tower – Monceau, Belgium

The parts of a cooling tower are in an old power station in Monceau, Belgium. The trumpet-like structure in the middle brought hot water to the structure and then cooled while dripping down concrete slats.



House of the Bulgarian Communist Party – Mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria

The House of the Bulgarian Communist Party opened in 1981 and was the center of Bulgarian politics until a decade later when the fall of the Iron Curtain occurred. The abandoned building is a symbol of that regime. Much of the paneling from the roof has been stolen, leaving the interior. The former headquarters is just as eerie on the outside as on the inside. The flying-saucer like building is a ghost of its former self.


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Wonderland Amusement Park – Beijing, China

This amusement park was meant to resemble Disneyland, but was soon abandoned in 1998 after land price disputes brought construction to a halt. Some of the land is used by local farmers, however a majority still has the making of the amusement park.



Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital – Marlboro Township, N.J.

With a past twisted enough to warrant a TV, this psychiatric hospital saw its fair share of strange activity while open from 1931 until 1998. From patients missing, choking to death and even freezing to death, the hospital’s reputation led to its closure.


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Michigan Central Station – Detroit, Mich.

More than 100 years ago, trains arrived at the tallest station in the entire world, Michigan Central Station. Now as the station sits abandoned, most of the details that once characterized the architecture have been stolen or destroyed.


Take a look at other abandoned sites across the world.


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