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Top 5: Crayfish Restaurants in New Orleans

by Edward Mack

Jan 7, 2015

Cajun Crayfish © Cocohibb | Dreamstime

North America

Crayfish are meant to be cooked and eaten in only one way. They should be boiled in a big pot of spicy water with potatoes and corn. And they should be eaten by sucking the head and pinching the tail. Crayfish season starts at the end of January so get your aprons ready; here are the five best places in New Orleans to get them the way they’re meant to be eaten.


Frankie & Johnny’s

Recently reopened, the 74-year-old bar and restaurant has long been a local favorite on the east bank. The recent renovation did cause the restaurant to lose some of its dilapidated charm, but makes the dining experience more comfortable.


Seither’s Seafood

Born of the love of crayfish boils and homegrown recipes, the combination restaurant and market pulls no punches when it comes to their seafood. The award-winning po’ boys are another highlight.


Cajun Seafood

With four locations around the city, Cajun Seafood is an experience worthy of New Orleans. Dump your crayfish out on the long bench tables for a communal meal.


The Galley

Great service and a casual atmosphere combined with simple, perfectly cooked crayfish make The Galley a local favorite. A little pricey, but still, The Galley is where the locals eat crayfish when they’re not eating it at…


Someone’s backyard.

The best place to have a crayfish boil isn’t at a restaurant at all. Loud, social and messy, backyard crayfish boils are truly how crayfish are supposed to be eaten. So get out there, make some local friends and get invited to a true New Orleans crayfish boil!



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