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Top 5: Places to Eat in Seattle’s Pike Place Market

by Megan Hill

Sep 29, 2014

Pike Place Market, Seattle © Halient | Dreamstime

North America

With more than 80 restaurants crammed into its nooks and crannies, figuring out where to eat in Seattle’s Pike Place Market can be daunting. You can’t go wrong with these picks:


Radiator Whiskey has mastered the bar-restaurant combo, with its house-branded whiskey going into top-notch cocktails and an outstanding food menu to soak up the booze. Try the “Showgirl,” Radiator’s take on the Manhattan, named for the gentleman’s club across the street. The menu is dominated by meaty dishes like turkey drum confit and fried pork shank, but vegetarian dishes like the grilled goat cheese and tomato jam sandwich are equally tasty.


At Chan, in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market, you’ll find “modern Korean” dishes that represent twists on classic Korean food. Among the best are the bulgogi beef sliders and the deep fried rice cake. Chan’s cocktail menu is outstanding, too, with drinks like the Sojito Mojito  made with soju, a distilled rice liquor popular in Korea.


You’ll probably catch a whiff of Le Panier,the French bakery, long before you go inside. Exquisite croissants and other pastries pair well with a latte.


For a quick snack, hit the counter at Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt. The thick, creamy yogurt is made from local milk and topped with an array of fresh fruit.


Matt’s in the Market offers a locally focused menu for lunch and dinner. Chef Shane Ryan sources from within the market as often as possible, with other ingredients coming from around the region. The menus change with the seasons.



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