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Tour du Mont Blonc

by Benjamin Kerns

Mar 2, 2018

Mont Blanc © Elenaphotos |

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The Tour du Mont Blonc is one of the longest hiking trails in Europe and a popular destination for travelers who enjoy the outdoors. The path circles the Mont Blanc massif for 110 miles and winds through France, Italy and Switzerland. A trek around Mont Blanc lasts seven–10 days and is only for the most seasoned hikers.

Free camping is illegal on the route so hikers must book lodging in advance or be prepared to bivouac in the high mountain regions. Luckily, numerous refuges are set up along the way for those who require a little extra comfort. It’s also advisable to hire a guide who can safely escort you around the massif and showcase the stunning valley vistas.

The counterclockwise path takes you through some of Europe’s most renowned landscapes, including Montjoie, Valle des Glaciers, the Chamonix Valley and Swiss Val Ferret. You’ll traverse seven different valleys across three countries in total during your trek.

If you’re not quite as athletically inclined as most long-distance hikers, there are also alternatives available for those eager to explore the region. Public transports, from trains to trolley and trams, are littered throughout each valley and can be taken in one long journey or enjoyed separately at your leisure. The Tour du Mont Blonc is considered one of the world’s classic long-distance walks and is a must for any traveler who loves the outdoors.


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