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Under $100: Fortaleza, Brazil

by Benjamin Kerns

Sep 4, 2019

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As one of Brazil’s most picturesque cities, Fortaleza has long been a favorite of travelers from all over the world. The colorful beaches lined with palm trees, incredible dining and shopping options, and vibrant music venues make it a must for anyone visiting Brazil. Luckily, it can all be seen on a budget.

Begin with breakfast at Cantina Café and Bistro for a scrumptious snack of coffee and French pastries for less than $10. Next, head out to Beria Mar Avenue for a stroll along the beach to burn off the meal. The views here are incredible, and the boardwalk is lined with excellent shopping opportunities.


Most of your morning will be spent at Dagão do Mar. The popular entertainment and dining center is a hot spot for excellent dining and shopping, along with live entertainment and a planetarium to explore. This is also where you’ll find the Museu de Arte Contemporânea and the Memorial da Cultura Cearense. Set aside $30 for entertainment, entrance fees and souvenirs.


Make your way to Centro das Tapioqueiras for lunch. Fortaleza is beloved for its delicious tapioca pancake treats. You can sample a few here for less than $10.


Next, explore the Neo-Gothic architecture of the city at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza. It’s the third-largest cathedral in the country and can fit more than 5,000 people inside. From there head over to the Museu do Ceará to discover the rich history of the state of Ceará through the incredible anthropological exhibit. Entrance is only $3. Finally, wander through Parque Ecológico do Cocó, a park within the city that promotes environmentalism and showcases a wealth of natural flora and fauna in the region. You can even take a boat ride up the Rio Côco to discover the mangroves growing here. A visit will cost you less than $10.


End the day with dinner at any of the Coco Bambu restaurants littered across the city for some traditional Brazilian seafood at only $30 a meal.


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