Ways You’re Not Taking Advantage Of Your Hotel Concierge

by Holly Riddle

Dec 29, 2015

© Pindiyath100 | Dreamstime

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Almost every luxury hotel has a concierge service you can make full use of, so why do so few people actually do so? If you’re not taking advantage of this luxury service, you’re missing out.


While some hotel concierges aren’t the best at their jobs, most are, and you’ll find they’re paid to know what to do, where to go and who to see in your destination. They can get you into a lot of places you wouldn’t be able to on your own — think new gourmet restaurants, parties and premieres. Their job is literally to know how to help you get what you want and, if you’ve got the money for it, they can help you get quite a bit out of your travel experience.


Of course, know your concierge service will be only as good as the hotel you’re staying in. “Nice” hotels aren’t enough to always get you what you need. Well-known, luxury hotel brands often are, and the concierge connections will be much more prestigious.


Even if you’re not exactly looking for the ultimate experience in luxury and pampering, if you’ve never been to your destination, a concierge can help you create an itinerary that makes the most of your time. All you have to do is ask.


Be sure to tip your concierge well, even if you don’t plan on returning to the hotel for a repeat stay. The hospitality industry is smaller than you think and people move around from hotel to hotel, and the best tippers are remembered.


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