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Wet Republic, Las Vegas Review

by Audrey Lee

Jul 12, 2021

Photo: Audrey Lee


Nothing says Vegas more than a wild pool party in the blistering heat. Wet Republic in Las Vegas does not disappoint from the party aspect, but with drinks, that is a different story.


I arrived to MGM Grand via an Uber that dropped us right at the day club entrance. We patiently waited in line for our security check. We were patted down; our bags were searched and a metal detector was used. I personally like all of the security measures as it makes for a safer experience. As one of the first 50 people in, the pool was wide open for us to choose our spot for the day. Alongside the pool, guests try to leave shoes and bags, but an employee suggested I use a locker as things tend to get stolen or ruined when left there. I didn’t have a water-proof phone case, either, so I did not want to risk breaking my phone.


The lockers, to my surprise, were $65. I was expecting $25–30, but not $65. My boyfriend, friend and I shoved our shoes, phones, bags and sunscreen into the tiny locker as it was the only option. We then went over to the bar to get drinks before jumping into the pool.


Just like the lockers, drinks were extremely expensive. At about $100 per drink, our mouths dropped open when we received our check: $300 for our first drinks. Once again, it was the only option if we wanted to have a drink for the party.


We jumped in the pool and waded around, talking to others and snapping photos. The venue became packed quickly, but not too much were it was uncomfortable. Feeling a bit tipsy, we ordered another drink (another $300) before the show began.


The headliner, Steve Aoki, arrived on stage and the crowd went wild. We made our way to the front, where the stage met the edge of the pool. Each song made the crowd crazier and, before we knew it, we were all jumping up and down and splashing water all over. The people who showed up in full-glam hair and makeup did not appreciate it, but what do you expect at a pool party concert?


Around $1,000 later, the concert was done, our drinks were gone and it was time to collect our belongings from our locker to head back to our hotel, Mirage. The experience was amazing, but if you are planning to purchase tickets to Wet Republic, plan on spending a pretty penny for drinks and a locker.


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