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Under $100: Atlanta

by Anna Crowe

Nov 20, 2014

Stone Mountain Park, Georgia © Tomasz Szymanski | Dreamstime

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© Anna Crowe

© Anna Crowe

It’s a food wonderland in Atlanta and around practically every corner you’ll find someone that calls himself or herself a “foodie.” And whether it’s enjoying a morning delight from Highland Bakery or snacking on pho from Viet-Nomie’s, we’re here for all you Atlanta newbies with some of the best must-hits of Atlanta on the cheap.


You don’t have to be a competitive speed walker or serious cyclist to hop on the Atlanta Beltline. Rent a bike for only $15 a day then ride the 2.25-mile trail from Irwin Street Market to Piedmont Park. Grab breakfast at the Parish Market before taking off. Chef Craig’s croissants ($4) and latte espresso bar are delicious. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, get the In Cold Blood Screwdriver ($9). Don’t forget to hit up the King of Pops right off the Beltline for a local favorite treat ($2.50).


Before dropping your bikes back off, ride over to the Krog Street Tunnel Pocket Park. This tunnel links Cabbagetown and Inman Park. It’s known for Atlanta’s best street art and an iconic part of the city.


© Anna Crowe

© Anna Crowe

After your morning activities, venture over to Georgia’s oldest brewery, Red Brick Brewery in Collier Hills to grab a cold one. Wednesday through Saturday, these guys offer trivia, live music, tours and tastings. For under $15, you can taste-test several beers and you even get a souvenir pint glass. The Matcha Super Green Yuzu Tea special release beer is worth trying.


To end the day, head up to Stone Mountain to visit the world’s largest piece of exposed granite. Here you can spend the day hiking, climbing or camping. But the best part is the Lasershow Spectacular where the lights are choreographed to music and fireworks, so it’s a nice way to end your day. Tickets are $29.95 for adults.



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