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A Convertible Bike You Can Bring In Your Apartment

by Jack Guy

May 9, 2016

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8bar has come up with a revolutionary bike able to change its geometry and set-up depending on how you want to use it.


The idea behind the MITTE convertible bike is to enable those that live in small apartments to use a bike perfectly set up for the ride at hand without having to store three bicycles. Of course, there is also the financial consideration that would come with owning three separate bikes, and the MITTE offers to cut costs as a three-in-one solution.


8bar says the bike can change from a road set-up to a Cyclocross bike to an adventure bike by following a few simple instructions. The kit includes two different kinds of forks, for thicker and thinner tires, and sliding dropouts mean the geometry of the frame can be changed.


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The company also offers two different specs, the cheaper Comp version and the premium Pro version. Once you’ve selected your spec, you can choose from different sizes and colors.


For those who have no knowledge of bike mechanics it may seem daunting being asked to change the forks and slide the dropouts in order to make different versions of the MITTE. However, the processes are simple and there is no reason every cyclist shouldn’t be able to learn.


Aside from that consideration, the MITTE is a great solution for those that don’t have the money or the space to keep three separate bikes for different rides. 8bar is running a Kickstarter campaign that already smashed its goal at the time of writing.


The full Comp bike is set to retail for €1,898, while the Pro version will set you back €2,498. The bikes are expected to ship in September this year.




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