Aeronaut 45: The Functional Duffle Bag to Carry On

by Benjamin Kerns

Jul 10, 2016

© Mykhaylo Lyapin | Dreamstime

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It’s tough finding the right bag to take with you on an overseas flight, but the Aeronaut 45 provides enough functionality to make it the perfect travel companion; it’s a carry-on luggage bag, duffle and backpack all in one.


At maximum carry-on size, it’s guaranteed to fit on any flight without having to be checked while also containing the perfect amount of room to fit anything you might need on a short trip. Once you’ve arrived at your destination it’s a cinch to turn into a backpack and throw it over your shoulder to carry it around. It’s even great as a gym bag.


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The main body of the Aeronaut 45 has three divided compartments, a large one in the center and two on the sides sectioned with zippered dividers. If you find yourself only needing one or two, no problem; they fold down to make more room. It holds up to 45 liters with nine O-rings throughout to hold your knickknacks and important gear. Pockets on the end of the Aeronaut are the perfect size for holding boarding passes and passports, while the shoulder straps are contoured for added comfort.


The bag also includes grip handles on the end to make it easy for you to hold, whether you’re lugging it through the airport or trying to pull it down from a luggage compartment overhead. It comes in a variety of colors and even smaller sizes, and the packing cubes you can purchase for an additional price make it super convenient to have along on any trip.


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