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Argentina’s Sweetness Week

by Benjamin Kerns

Jan 2, 2020

Malbec Grapes in Mendoza, Argentina © Javarman | Dreamstime

Destinations / Latin America

Argentina doesn’t just celebrate one day of love – they embrace the sweetness for an entire week. During the annual Sweetness Week the locals express their admiration for all things intimate, and load up on the chocolates, too.


Sweetness Week originally began in 1989 when candy company Arcor created its infamous “Candy for a Kiss” campaign. The idea was its chocolates and other candies could be given in exchange for a sweet peck on the cheek. The campaign worked better than expected, and an entire holiday was born.

Now once a year during July Argentineans load up on chocolates and other sweet treats in anticipation of the holiday. Couples spend the week showering each other with edible gifts and, of courses, kisses in return. It’s a popular time for dating throughout the cities, and restaurants are often booked to capacity. It’s estimated candy sales increase roughly 20 percent during the week. We haven’t done the research, but we imagine there might be a surge in births nine months later, too.


Whether you’re a chocolate aficionado, or simply enjoy spreading kisses and love wherever you go, Argentina’s Sweetness Week is the perfect opportunity to dive into one of the country’s greatest celebratory experiences.



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