Astral Abba PFD

by Megan Hill

Jan 7, 2018

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Life vests, while essential, can be bulky, hot and uncomfortable. But Astral’s exceptional line of gear helps solve many of these problems. You may even find you enjoy wearing your life jacket.

Astral’s Abba personal flotation device is crafted for women, so it’s perfectly suited for those body types. It’s made from materials sourced in an environmentally responsible manner. It’s lightweight and designed for comfort, while not sacrificing the safety aspect.

Each of Astral’s jackets is suited for different activities, so it’s easy to pick one that works well for the sport or sports you’re interested in. The Abba life jacket is perfect for whitewater, canoeing and sailing, thanks to the range of motion it provides.

The jacket is made from rip-stop nylon and comes in green and blue. Its interior of foam and organic kapok, an Indonesia-grown material that is comfortable, insulating, grown organically and sustainable. The PFD’s straps adjust easily and quickly, and the breathable material means you won’t stay damp if you sweat. It has a couple of pockets for stowing small objects that need to be kept within easy reach.

Most people don’t get excited about wearing a PFD, but this one is stylish and comfortable — two qualities worth getting excited about.

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