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Avoid Pickpockets

by Cam Waller

Sep 17, 2014

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As any traveler knows, exploring the world tends to require keeping more valuable belongings on hand at one time than in everyday life, which can make one vulnerable to theft. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your trip without becoming an easy target for pickpockets.


Keep valuables against your body.

Don’t put anything in your back pocket or any of your exposed pockets, if possible. Wear clothing with interior pockets, use a money belt or find another way to secure your money and cards inside your clothing.


Don’t pull anything out in the open.

Pulling things out and putting them back away on the street shows everyone exactly where your valuables are stored. Even if you’re not keeping anything in your exterior pockets, this can make it easier for thieves to figure out a way to get to your belongings.


Be wary of help from strangers.

Disguising pickpocketing as a kind gesture is a good way to catch travelers off guard. Don’t be afraid to refuse the help and keep your distance.


Avoid crowds.

Any area where people are brushing past each other or pressed close to one another makes a great area for thieves to work, as it’s difficult to notice something being taken when you’re in contact with so many people. If you can’t avoid a crowd, be sure to secure your valuables in a hard-to-reach location against your body and keep anything you’re carrying in front of you and held securely.


Never carry more than you need.

Create a budget for your day, decide what exactly you need to bring and don’t bring anything else. The less you have on you, the less you have to lose.



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