Bondic: The Liquid Plastic Welder

by Edward Mack

May 6, 2015

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The Bondic is marketed as the world’s first liquid plastic welder — a title that only partially describes the product. The Bondic is an easy, do-it-yourself home solution for a multitude of plastic ills. Don’t let the word welder fool you; there is no technical skill necessary to use the tool. If you can wield a pen, you can wield a Bondic.


So here’s the deal. Bondic is like the best glue you’ll ever own (though distinctly not a glue). Its uses are limited by the number of things you need to fix — from jewelry to high heels to broken glasses frames. Instead of gluing the broken pieces back together, however, Bondic forms a new plastic bond; doesn’t it make more sense to repair plastic with plastic, not glue?


The Bondic is the size of a large, thick pen. It is comprised of a shaft filled with liquid plastic that will not dry out and will not harden until it is hit with the included UV light. That’s it; it’s that simple.


Using the Bondic is a simple, four-step process. Simply clean the surfaces of your project, fill the desired area, use the UV light to cure the liquid plastic and then shape the hardened result to your desire with sandpaper or paint. Because of the unique characteristics of the plastic, Bondic can do a whole bunch of things that glue cannot. It is solvent-free, won’t stick to your fingers and is extremely tough and durable.


The Bondic is a new way to look at home repairs. It should be used with the principles of welding, not gluing — thus the name. But like welding, the Bondic will form a stronger, more durable fix.



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