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Body Glide Balms

by Holly Riddle

Jul 26, 2022

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Is there anything worse than travel chafing? There are a lot of DIY remedies for chafing (baby powder, anyone?), but if you’re looking for a convenient, travel-friendly chafing solution, it’s time you take a look at the Body Glide line of balms.


Body Glide creates balms designed to combat both men’s and women’s chafing by applying an invisible, hypoallergenic barrier to your skin’s surface. The balm, made with plant waxes, allows your skin to breathe while repelling water and sweat. Since the balms aren’t made with petroleum or mineral oils, there’s no mess and no clogged pores. The balms come in easy-to-carry, carry-on-bag-friendly sizes and tubes similar to your favorite deodorant.


But beyond anti-chafing products, Body Glide also offers a few other products that can come in handy in uncomfortable travel situations. The Skin Glide anti-friction cream provides chafing protection in areas where the deodorant stick-style original Body Glide products just can’t reach. Foot Glide protects against blisters, while Cycle Glide is particularly designed for combatting cycling-related soreness. An outdoor option keeps you both chafe-free and bug bite-free as it won’t attract pesky insects.


The original Body Glide anti-chafe products start at just $5.49 for a travel sized-tube.


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