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Cross These Experiences Off Your Bucket List with Aurora Expeditions

by Katie Skrzek

Jan 11, 2024

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Aurora Expeditions invites travelers to cross items off their bucket lists in 2024. The award-winning expedition travel company released a free e-book full of its Best Small-Ship Experiences.

“We know travelers are increasingly wanting to embrace spontaneity in their lives, connect more with nature in an authentic way, and tick off their epic travel wish list experiences at the same time,” said Hayley Peacock-Gower, CMO, Aurora Expeditions. “Aurora has something for everyone’s bucket list, and there is no time like now to go on that epic adventure you have always dreamed of.”


Consider one of Aurora’s top 10 wildest experiences:

  • Antarctic Peninsula: Explore the wildlife and icebergs of Antarctica
  • Costa Rica: Experience Costa Rica’s biodiversity, including the lush rainforest
  • Svalbard: View local wildlife, including the arctic fox and polar bears
  • Arctic: This expedition covers Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard
  • Antarctic Circle: Cross the Antarctic Circle on this expedition
  • Scotland: Kayak through ancient caves and among towering cliffs
  • Antarctica: Go camping in this isolated region
  • Patagonia: Spend time trekking and cruising through Patagonia
  • Northern Lights: Experience the Northern Lights from the deck of a small expedition ship
  • Iceland: Explore the country’s diverse landscapes, from waterfalls to lava fields


Unsure of where you want to travel? Take Aurora’s quiz to help discover your dream destination based on your interests.


Book before March 31 and receive added value savings, including air credits and up to 20 percent off select itineraries when using code BUCKETLIST24.


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