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Crumpled City Map

by Bridey Heing

Jan 5, 2015

Arc de Triomphe, Paris © Ilja Mašík | Dreamstime

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Smartphones have made it easy to access GPS at a moment’s notice, but any well-prepared traveler knows the value of having a physical map when technology becomes unreliable. Of course, wrangling a paper map usually ends with a crinkly scrap of paper hanging at the bottom of your bag.


Crumpled City Map, however, has found a way to make those wrinkles and dents part of a cheeky design. These durable Tyvek maps aren’t meant to be neatly folded along impossible-to-follow lines, but instead balled up and tossed into your bag. Each map covers one major city and includes a list of sights. They are also waterproof and light, perfect for traveling the world without getting lost.


The simple map doesn’t lose readability as it gets balled up and crushed, making the crumply design both functional and fun. No need to worry about it tearing or getting messy while on the road; Tyvek is made to stand up to just about anything. The Crumpled City Map can take a long day of travel and survive being crushed in the bottom of your bag — perfect for those who hit the road hard and don’t want to be slowed down by malfunctioning phones or tricky paper maps.


Learn more at PalomarWeb.com.



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