Eating Insects: The Future of Food

by Brendan Byrne

Dec 27, 2016

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The earth’s population is growing at an exponential rate. Around 7 million people are born each year. At this rate, the world population is projected to reach 9 billion by 2050. We are on the brink of a global crisis due to our broken food system. Changes need to start with our animal agriculture system, which has a devastating effect on our planet. We are already using 70 percent of agricultural land to raise livestock. The demand for meat is so high the industry owners are cutting down our rainforests to make more room to grow crops to feed and raise the livestock. It will be impossible to keep up with this demand. How can we feed 9-plus billion people? Insects.


Insects could be the answer to global food sustainability. Entomophagy — the practice of eating bugs — may be foreign to many Westerners, but it is a common worldwide practice around since prehistoric times. Currently more than 2 billion people are eating insects as a delicacy or part of their regular diet. There are more than 1,900 edible insects — the most popular ones being beetles, ants, bees and caterpillars.


The idea of eating insects entered North America as a trendy new food. Cricket flour is slowly growing in popularity as a new option for baked goods. People like Chef David Gordon, Megan Miller, owner of Bitty Foods, and many other sustainability experts are helping to break down the barrier and show people insects are a delicious and healthy protein option.


So, the next time you decide to cook up some banana bread, try using cricket flour with a recipe from Bitty Foods.



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