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Five Stunning Destinations for Your Next Yoga Retreat

by Megan Hettwer

Sep 11, 2014

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1. Feathered Pipe Ranch, Montana

Montana might not be the first spot that pops into a wander-lusting yogi’s mind, but it’s the perfect spot for unwinding in a pristine natural setting. You’ll want to plan for a summer retreat, since the instructors spend the cold Montana winters traveling elsewhere.


2.   Samahita Retreat, Thailand

Thailand’s relaxing beaches host many yoga retreats, and for good reason. Koh Samui is always a favorite spot and Samahita has plenty of yoga and wellness offerings to keep visiting yogis content. Don’t let the popularity of Koh Samui deter you, either. This particular center is tucked away in a less crowded part of the island.


3. Purple Valley Yoga Retreat, India

Many yogis dream of venturing to the birthplace of yoga: India. Once you decide where you’d like to go within the massive country, it can be even more difficult to choose a center. Goa is one popular yoga destination, with its lovely beaches and peaceful yoga retreats. Purple Valley is a top Ashtanga center and it boasts instructors from around the world.


4. Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another well-loved destination for yoga retreats and there are tons of centers to choose from. Quality yoga instruction is the main focus at the Nosara Yoga Institute, but there are also a number of retreats to choose from. It won’t be hard to unwind while you’re tucked away in this tropical paradise.


5.  Yoga Cruise, Turkey

If you’re looking for a different kind of yoga haven, then cruising around Turkey’s Mediterranean coast might be the perfect option for you. Spend a week aboard one of Yoga Cruise’s yachts, dividing your time between reading on the deck, kayaking in the calm waters, and (of course) practicing yoga.



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