How to Proceed Through the Airport More Quickly

by Allie Moore

Sep 23, 2015

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Airports can be havens of stress, time management and repeated annoyances, especially for frequent travelers. However, there are a few ways to make it more quickly through all the obstacles that stand in your way between the airport doors and your gate.


TSA’s Pre-Check has become a sensation for travelers across the country. Available in more than 130 airports, the program allows travelers to register online, become pre-screened for security and seamlessly pass through the security line at the airport.


If you actually have to wait in line at the security checkpoint, use this time to think about what you will need to organize into bins: your laptop and other electronics, liquids and possibly shoes. Prepare the items as much as possible before you arrive at the conveyer belt so you can unpack and repack them quickly.


Download the app for the airline you are flying. That way, you receive alerts and notifications of schedule changes like delays or gate changes. You can also check in online or with the app to save time once you arrive at the airport.


Keep all your essential documents together and easily accessible. As you pass through security, the duty-free shop and then your gate, you will be asked to show identification and your boarding pass. If you have them all in one wallet or document holder, it will be easier to whip them out when needed.



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