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Kindle Paperwhite Brings Reading into the 21st Century

by Krystle Vermes

Sep 15, 2014

© Amazon | Kindle Paperwhite

Social Networking site, Goodreads © Amazon | Kindle Paperwhite

Social Networking site, Goodreads © Amazon | Kindle Paperwhite

You’re getting ready to pack your bag for the beach, and you can’t find any room to fit the 300-page romance novel you bought for your trip. We’ve all been there, and it’s a hassle. Thankfully, Amazon solved this problem with its Kindle Paperwhite.


If you’re looking for a new way to read on-the-go, the Kindle Paperwhite is for you. For around $100 on Amazon’s marketplace (prices vary on used and new models), you can have this e-reader, which is perfect for the beach (or wherever you may be) with a glare-proof screen. Its battery life is guaranteed to last weeks — not hours — and it’s approximately 30 percent lighter than the iPad Mini from Apple.


Nighttime Reading © Amazon | Kindle Paperwhite

Nighttime Reading © Amazon | Kindle Paperwhite

The latest generation of the Kindle Paperwhite has higher contrast on its screen, making text even easier to read. It has a built-in light for the ultimate convenience, and this feature makes it a favorite among those who like to read in bed.



The newest Kindle Paperwhite also has a 25 percent faster processor and a 19 percent tighter touch grid for an optimal reading experience. With Kindle Page Flip, you can skim through books page-by-page, scan a chapter or skip ahead to the end of the book without losing your place.


Kindle Paperwhite is ideal for the social user who also loves to read. Amazon has integrated Goodreads, the social network for book lovers, into the device. This means users can see what their friends are reading and rate books as they finish them.


Whether you’re going to be hopping on an eight-hour flight or you intend to spend the entire day at the beach, you won’t want to be without the Kindle Paperwhite.



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