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Kokomo: Authentic Caribbean Cuisine in the Heart of New York City

by Aoife O'Riordan

Feb 3, 2023

© Katrine Moite

Food & Drink

Authentic Caribbean food, power couple owners and vibrant décor: What better way to enjoy a meal in New York City than at Kokomo? Living in or visiting the Big Apple doesn’t mean relinquishing traditional, flavorful foods and dishes from around the world, and at Kokomo, guests are instantly transported to the sandy beaches of the Caribbean through cocktails, delicious meals and a colorful ambiance.


© Katrine Moite


Co-founders Ria and Kevol Graham bring years of experience in the hospitality industry to Kokomo, joining forces to create a sophisticated Caribbean restaurant in the center of Brooklyn. The power couple wanted to create a restaurant that brings diners on a tasting tour across the Caribbean.


Kokomo offers a variety of menus for different occasions, including dinner, brunch and Sunday “Drunch” menus. From the dinner menu, start with some jackfruit tacos, crispy fish tacos or some roasted and stuffed sweet plantains. For mains, highlights include slow-braised oxtail, Koko’s Island pasta, red snapper and coconut lime salmon. Desserts like rum raisin bread pudding and cheesecake round out a delectable dining experience.


Everybody loves a good brunch spot, and Kokomo delivers with its dedicated brunch menu. Whether it’s Koko’s chicken and waffles, sweet plantain pancakes or Callaloo egg frittata, each dish promises a medley of flavors. No brunch is complete without a mimosa, and Kokomo’s Santamosas offer a mixture of either pomegranate and cranberry, blood orange or pear and ginger.


© Katrine Moite


Tropical cocktails like Good Vibez (Cazadores tequila, passionfruit liqueur, egg white, lemon, honey and angostura cocktail art), Plantini (Bacardi 4, roasted plantain puree and demerara syrup) and We Limin’ (Grey Goose, St. Germain, lime juice, guava gordial and black pepper) complement any dish.


© Katrine Moite


Served all day long, Kokomo’s Sunday “Drunch” menu blends brunch mains with dinner classics.


© Katrine Moite


As a Black-owned Caribbean restaurant, ensuring not only each dish embodies authentic flavors, textures and presentations are key. Having an interior embrace Caribbean culture is also important, and Ria and Kevol Graham work with staff hailing from 29 countries and counting to create a vibrant blend of cultures.


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