Leatherman Versus Swiss Army Knife

by Brendan Byrne

Jul 19, 2016

© Radu191289 | Dreamstime


There’s not a whole lot that comes between these two marvelous gadgets — each equips you for almost any trivial task, be it opening a bottle or tightening a screw.


Perhaps the key difference is the Leatherman cleverly unfolds to become a full-sized pair of pliers. The Swiss Army Knife cannot provide such a useful, pocket-sized service. But with good reason: We all know a Swiss Army Knife when we see one. That iconic red handle screams “masculine handyman.” It says a lot about you if you carry a Swiss Army Knife. He’s a hunter. A woodsman. An outdoorsman. It’s the branding of the Swiss Army Knife that restrains them when compared to the eclecticism of the Leatherman.


The Leatherman, on the other side, is for the man’s man: the tradesmen of the world, the plumbers, electricians and bricklayers. They know the real secrets of pocket-sized multitools, and what the benefits of opting for the Leatherman are. The Swiss Army Knife may be the fashionable and trendy option for the poster boys of manly activities, but the Leatherman is for those of you who like to get their hands truly dirty.


There are times when pliers are literally the only tool for the job, and with the clever design of the Leatherman, you’ll never be stuck again. Whether you’re tightening bolts, chopping small sticks of wood or loosening nails, the Leatherman won’t let you down.


For a full selection of Leatherman tools, check out their website.



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