Lucky Air Plants/Healing Crystals on Etsy

by Allie Menzione

Sep 7, 2017

Air Plant © Tatsuya Otsuka | Dreamstime

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Looking for the perfect gift or decoration for your home or office? Lucky Air Plants are the perfect, low-maintenance addition. Etsy is full of trendy decorative finds, and Lucky Air Plants are no exception. Housed creatively in crystal geodes and wood creations, these plants need only air, sun and a little water to survive.

If you’re into different types of healing crystals, there are plenty of options to choose from. Each crystal has a different purpose and meaning, making them the perfect gift for someone to draw good energy into their lives. Get a crystal geode for soothing and de-stressing, or amethyst for peacefulness and healing or citrine for success and abundance. There are plenty of variations to suit your mood and intentions.

Plants also come in crystal dream catchers made of leather and gold embroidery hoops, which makes for a lovely decoration to hang. If you are more of a woodsy person, there are air plant placeholder woodcarvings in the shape of one of the 50 states — a perfect housewarming gift for someone moving to a new state or for someone who just loves the one they’re in. They come in magnet form to stick to any metal surface.

Prices for these charming gifts can range from $10–260, depending on the size of the crystal and plant.

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