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Mistakes To Avoid When Transporting Wedding Dresses

by Suzy Guese

Aug 21, 2014

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How To's

Transporting a wedding dress to a destination wedding is a frightening and worrisome task. Rather than joining the list of brides with wedding dress horror stories, avoid these common mistakes.


Placing the dress in a checked bag:

Checking a wedding dress is never a good idea. Such a valuable piece of the wedding shouldn’t be out of sight. Any number of problems can occur with a checked bag. A dress could be damaged or lost en route to the destination.


Assuming the airline will be accommodating:

Many brides assume an airline will go weak at the knees over a wife-to-be traveling with her wedding dress. If you don’t make arrangements for flying with your wedding dress, you could face a predicament on board. Brides shouldn’t expect a giant closet in first class for their gown. Pack your dress with tissue paper and in a garment bag in a carry-on sized bag. You can even have your bridal shop pack your wedding dress for you.


Failing to pack a travel steamer:

Hotels and wedding venues don’t always have travel steamers. If you are getting married in a foreign country, it can be even more difficult to locate a steamer. You will require a steamer to iron out any creases and wrinkles that form in transit.


Going cheap on your airline seat:

If you board the plane last, you will have trouble securing the best overhead space for your wedding dress bag. Brides flying to their weddings will find a superior seat often lends a better opportunity to secure a place for the dress. First and business class always boards first.


Only using one garment bag:

Some brides decide to just transport their wedding dress to their destination wedding in a lone garment bag. While you could sit in your seat with your dress over your lap in one garment bag, you do run the risk of a tear or something seeping through the bag. Brides should use waterproof garment bags and also double up to better protect from stains and tears developing in transit.


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