Oregami Luggage Reinvents Organized Travel

by Allie Moore

Feb 27, 2016

© Rui Matos | Dreamstime

Products / Travel

Even the most organized traveler sometimes has difficulty storing and packing everything neatly into their bulky luggage. But travelers who love coordination, schedules and all things catalogued will find solace in a new style of luggage that takes organization to a whole new level.


Oregami developed two new touring luggage bags (available in black and fossil, a light brown) that when opened, feature neatly stacked internal compartments. The compartments fold out with a light tug of the yellow handle, thus spreading the see-through zipper packs neatly in front of you and making all your items easy to access. With these three internal drawer-like pockets, you can separate your t-shirts from your pants and sweaters, and the compact storage will decrease the likelihood of ending up with wrinkly clothes upon arrival at your destination.


Made of high-quality materials with a unique frame, the Oregami luggage also has small storage pockets for essentials like copies of important documents or your passport.


The bags are available on Amazon and retail for $299–399, before shipping and handling. For quick weekend getaways, Oregami plans to release a new carry-on bag in the coming months, as well as a removable garment bag that can be hung in your hotel wardrobe.


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