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Outdoor Photography on Your iPhone

by Akhil Kalepu

Apr 13, 2016

© Susanne Nilsson | Flickr


Your iPhone might not land you in National Geographic, but it can definitely snap some quality shots on your outdoor adventures. Follow these tips to get the best shots out of your smartphone camera.



The one-handed reverse shot works fine for selfies, but if you’re taking a landscape photograph you should hold the iPhone with two hands as you would a normal camera.



Unless you have an optical zoom attachment, you’re not going to be able to zoom. Digital will pixelate the image with even the tiniest zoom, so better to use your feet and move around for the best position.



The beauty of the iPhone is you always have it so you can quickly whip it out and snap a shot. While the convenience is great, it doesn’t really encourage thoughtful composition. While you’re pointing the camera, think about what the subject of your shot is and balance it against the background.



Follow the rule of thirds when positioning the subject. The camera app will have an option for turning the grid on.



You don’t need Photoshop to take your photos to the next level. Your iPhone is perfectly capable of tweaking 13 parameters for light, color and white balance. A few simple adjustments can turn the average shot into Instagram glory.



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