Patagonia Lost Wildflower Dress

by Megan Hill

Mar 12, 2018

wildflowers © Danielle Mussman | Dreamstime.com

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Patagonia nailed the summer sundress with its new Lost Wildflower dress.

The garment is perfect for travel, with its pockets and 100 percent TENCEL lyocell fabric, which has a slew of attractive properties. First, it’s ultra-absorbent and breathable to keep you cool and dry on hot days. The fabric is reputed to be “softer than silk,” which seems plausible. And it’s wrinkle resistant, even when it sits in your suitcase for a full day of travel.

This fabric is a fascinating pick for another reason. It’s made from the pulp of trees grown sustainably on farms certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This fact, coupled with Patagonia’s continued commitment to ethically and sustainably sourced materials will make you feel even more confident in this purchase.

The dress’s racerback is made from spaghetti strap styling, so you can adjust the straps to best fit your shoulders. This is a great option that doesn’t take away from the stylish look of the garment. The V-neck and “flouncy” waist further contribute to the relaxed, yet fitted look.

The knee-length dress fits true to size, and potential buyers can use the website’s fit guide for assistance in picking a size. In all, this dress is a great pick for your summer wardrobe.


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