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Philly’s Pop-Up Beer Gardens

by Monique Barrett

Aug 27, 2014

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The City of Brotherly Love embraced the time-honored tradition of drinking and community this summer with a slew of pop-up beer gardens from the banks of the Delaware River to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in front of the infamous Art Museum steps. A number of spots across Philadelphia transformed from empty, long-abandoned lots to lively and useful public spaces boasting hammocks, flowers and taps serving craft brew.


Here’s a look at some of the city’s most popular pop-up beer gardens this summer.


Spruce Street Harbor Park

One of Philadelphia’s most underused public spaces became the ultimate summertime hangout on the banks of the Delaware River. This waterside spot was an urban oasis complete with sand, a floating restaurant, hammocks and a wooden boardwalk lined with street food stalls and arcade games.


Independence Beer Garden

Take in the history of the birthplace of America while sipping on a local beer in the city’s Historic District. Located in America’s most historic square mile across the street from the Liberty Bell, the 20,000-square-foot outdoor space boasts a huge draft list, an extensive selection of bottles and cans and summertime-appropriate fare all summer long from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.


PHS Pop Up Garden

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s fourth annual Pop-up Garden transports guests to the beach with tropical cocktails and craft beers in an island setting complete with palm trees, cabanas and hammocks on the west side of South Street. The garden offers a variety of special events such as live music, quizzo and movie nights through mid-October.


The Oval

Enjoy a local brew and a beautiful view while having a go at lawn games at the newly designed beer garden at The Oval, the eight acres of public space on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The summertime space offers a beer garden, miniature golf, entertainment and food trucks Tuesday–Sunday.


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