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by Akhil Kalepu

Oct 21, 2014

Smorgasburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park © Ashmephotography | Dreamstime


New York City has always been a foodie city, with so many restaurants and hidden gems it’s impossible to visit all of them. Thankfully, epicureans can now sample some of the best food New York has to offer, all in one location at Smorgasburg.


Created by Brooklyn Flea in 2011, Smorgasburg is a weekend food market that features more than 50 vendors selling locally produced dishes, with locations in East River State Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park. The weekly event has become a gastronomical phenomenon, with hungry visitors standing in line for hours just to get a bite of Keizo Shimamoto’s Ramen Burger.


The somewhat chaotic atmosphere and useless maps mean the best way to experience Smorgasburg is to dive in mouth first. Sure-bet stalls include Bon Chovie, with their popular whole, fried anchovies costing $6; Takumi Taco, a Japanese-inspired taco stand whose Cripsy Shrimp Tacos run $5; and Dun-Well Donuts, a Bushwick bakery that makes vegan donuts, though if you prefer the tastier, traditional variety head over to Dough.


Menus are varied, with some vendors choosing to keep things simple with just a few items. If you like shellfish, you can get oysters shucked right in front of you for $2.50 each at Brooklyn Oyster Party. When you get thirsty head over to Brooklyn Soda Works to get a taste of any soda flavor you can imagine.


Smorgasburg is not without its flaws. Portions tend to be small, and although it’s a street market, many dishes can get into the $10–15 range. Overlooking the high prices and chaotic atmosphere, this is a foodie’s paradise like no other, gathering some of the best food of New York all in one spot in Brooklyn.



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