Sport fishing Off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala

by Jack Guy

Jun 13, 2015

Lake Amatitlan, Guatemala © Max Herman | Dreamstime


The waters of the Pacific Coast of Guatemala offer outstanding numbers of billfish, and an average of a dozen releases per day per boat mean the area has become known as the sailfish capital of the world.


Fishermen have the Equatorial Counter Current to thank for such extraordinary numbers of fish, of a variety of different species. Fly fishermen can target sailfish, while lite tack anglers can try their hand at catching blue and black marlin.


Roosters, jacks, snapper and snook are found in abundance, so there will always be something to cook as the catch of the day. The black-sand beaches of the region provide an impressive backdrop to your fishing adventure, and the facilities are top class.


A number of outfitters offer fishing and accommodation packages, and the most reputable include Buena Vista Sportfishing, Casa Vieja Lodge and Blue Bayou Sportfishing Lodge.


The facilities are clustered around the port town of Itzapa, situated just 60 miles south of the Guatemalan capital. Relax at one of the high-class lodges after a long day fishing on the open water, swapping tales of the high seas with the experienced captains.


The majority of available packages include food, non-alcoholic beverages, accommodation and equipment, meaning prices are fairly reasonable considering the chances of landing an impressive catch!


Fish are caught all year-round in these waters, but November–May is widely considered to be prime season.



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