States Known for Outdoor Artwork

by Nia Scott

Sep 10, 2019

street art © Inge Blessas |

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Outdoor artwork and murals add a lot of character to a state. It’s a great place to stop for photos and also just to admire someone’s work. Usually, when people think of art they a museum or gallery. Outdoor art is accessible by all people and can inspire those who may not be able to afford a museum visit. The artwork also shows an insight into the artist and how they see the world. Some states have more outdoor murals and paintings than others and encourage artists to go out and paint the town.


Georgia, specifically Atlanta, Georgia, has great street art. The city itself has a large art community and many local artists who use the streets as a way to showcase their work. Atlanta is also home to some of the most famous art museums. The street art is so well integrated into the community they host an annual street art conference and neighborhood revitalization project, which brings together local artists and business owners to paint on vacant buildings and transform neighborhoods.


It’s no surprise Colorado is also a great state to view street art. Specifically in Denver, there is great street art to be seen. Denver is home to many art districts and the city is filled with vibrant art that complements the surrounding mountains and greenery.


Honolulu, Hawai’i, is also home to tons of street art. It’s not something people think of when visiting Honolulu, but this city has just as much street art as other cities. The art in Honolulu represents the island lifestyle of the native Hawai’ians and it’s not all ocean themed. Every year they have a week-long festival and celebration of art, culture and music.





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