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Steelie Vent Mount Kit from NiteIze

by Megan Hill

Aug 14, 2015

© Hans Kristian Laubel | Dreamstime

Products / Technology

Nite Ize’s inventive line-up includes the Steelie Vent Mount Kit, a product designed to mount your smartphone to your car’s air vent for quick reference while trying to navigate and drive simultaneously.


The product is probably the sleekest of all the vent mounts on the market today, in keeping with Nite Ize’s branding. The Steelie has two components: a small magnetic phone socket that affixes to the back of your phone, and the vent ball mount, which attaches to the magnet on one end and clips to your car’s air vent on the other.



The advantage of this product’s ball mount design is the phone can rotate easily on the ball. It’s simple to twist and turn the phone with one hand, making adjustments as you drive. The clip is so secure you can easily adjust the device without the mount detaching from the vent.


There’s a downside to the Steelie, though: It attaches to your phone via a magnetic socket that uses a strong adhesive. In other words, once it’s there, it’s not coming off easily, and you certainly can’t put it back on. It’s a low-profile attachment, but it sticks off the back of the phone nonetheless. It’s a bit of a sacrifice if you value your phone’s streamlined design.


Learn more at niteize.com.



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