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Study Abroad in Johannesburg, South Africa

by Tiffany Chisholm

Jan 9, 2020

Johannesburg, South Africa © Mirko Vitali | Dreamstime

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South Africa has a lot of history to take in when visiting. The country itself is diverse and the people well-rounded in all aspects of life. Johannesburg, the cultural and economic center of South Africa, is city with a population of people speaking 11 official languages combined.


Johannesburg is affectionately referred to as “Jozi” or “Joburg” by locals. The weather is pleasant year-round and students tend to walk around barefoot on campus and are friendly to exchange students. The universities in the city have great programs in arts, humanities, science, math and many other fields, so just about any academic background can find a program that fits their curriculum.


While in South Africa, do not hesitate to check out all that it has to offer. Visit the museums and learn about the country’s history. The Johannesburg Art Gallery is the largest art gallery on the continent displaying artworks of artists around the world. As it is also the home of Nelson Mandela, be sure to visit Nelson Mandela Square, beautiful at night and proudly displaying a six-meter-high statue of Mandela. This square also has a shopping center with more than 400 stores.


displays the atrocities of 20th-century South Africa and provides information about the rise and ultimate fall of the movement. There is a Mandela exhibit that walks visitors through his contribution to end Apartheid. South Africa also has a naturally beautiful landscape for visitors to explore, in addition to mingling with the people and learning about their culture.








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