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Visit the Second Louvre: Louvre Abu Dhabi

So you’ve already seen the original Louvre in Paris, which is great, but you want a different and new experience guaranteed to be on par? Check out the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Located in an exotic destination on an island off Abu Dhabi’s coast, the museum stands beside others within a development overseen by the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority. The museum is a project created under an agreement between the French government and Abu Dhabi, which will not only lend the new museum the original’s name, but also allow for loans from the original to the new for a period of 10 years.

Work and Play in Italy

Once business concludes, a world of wonder awaits in many of Italy’s incredible cities.

Trends / Study Abroad
May 6, 2016

Study Abroad Destinations to Consider

For college students experiencing the world for the first time, choosing a study abroad destination can be a daunting task. After all, there are so many locations to choose from. How do you pick the right one? Some of the most important things to consider are your major, whether or not credits will transfer, local language and the overall experience. Here are a handful of places to consider as study abroad options.

Work and Play in Italy

ONCE THE FINAL MEETING WRAPS and the last contract is signed and sealed with a handshake, what’s next? Do you catch a flight back home or do you take advantage of the destination? If your next business trip is to Italy, we suggest adding a few more days to explore the country’s most amazing hot spots. Make time for more than a mouthwater- ing Italian meal in these three cities.

Nov 20, 2015

LGBT: Abu Dhabi

The Middle East is a long way from being considered a safe haven for LGBT men and women, and Abu Dhabi is no exception. But, that doesn’t mean gay men and women can’t go there and have a good time.