The Blacksmith Inn, Door County

by Akhil Kalepu

Aug 10, 2015

© The Blacksmith Inn


On my visit to Bailey’s Harbor, Wisc., last month, I had the opportunity to stay at a great bed and breakfast on the shore, the Blacksmith Inn. This was my first time in the state, which was quite different from my usual urban-centric travels, but I found the inn to provide relaxing accommodations that perfectly rounded out my stay in Door County.


BlacksmithInn-Room1-05 © The Blacksmith Inn

© The Blacksmith Inn


The inn is split into two buildings divided by a gravel parking lot, where I was impressed to see an electric car charging station, as well as a Tesla station. Going into the main building to pick up my key, I saw a quaint common room with snacks, coffee and drinks for guests. A very helpful inn keeper gave me directions to my room as well as a much appreciated WiFi password, which is not as commonplace in more rural Door County.


BlacksmithInn-Room5-04 © The Blacksmith Inn

© The Blacksmith Inn


Entering my room, I immediately noticed how well they created the atmosphere of the place. It was decorated perfectly for a warm, homey feel, and it was immaculately clean as well. In addition to a four-post bed, I had a small dinner table, a few chairs, a reading desk and a moderately-sized TV with satellite and DVD player (the inn has a surprisingly big DVD collection, which might come in handy for inclement weather).


BlacksmithInn-Room5-05 © The Blacksmith Inn

© The Blacksmith Inn


The bathroom was spacious, and there was an in-room hot tub well stocked with soaps and towels. What I really liked though was the hammock on my ground-floor balcony, though being close the parking lot, I didn’t have a lot of privacy.


BlacksmithInn-Room5-01 © The Blacksmith Inn

© The Blacksmith Inn


The next morning, the common room of my building had a cold breakfast spread out, as well as fresh, hot coffee, which I enjoyed on the main building’s back deck. A small pier gave me a great view of the harbor before I set out for the day.


The Blacksmith Inn

8152 WI-57

Bailey’s Harbor, Wis. 54202

800 769 8619


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