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The Porsche Experience, Los Angeles

by Eugenia Lazaris

Nov 26, 2019

Porsche Driving Experience, Levi, Finland © Maksim Toome | Dreamstime

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Any car lover can appreciate the feel of a fast car on the open road, but the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles takes that feeling to a whole new level. The center is designed to let every car lover, whether you own a Porsche or not, learn what it’s like to get behind the wheel of one of these impressive vehicles and experience it on an open track the way it was meant to be driven.


The Center offers simulators (although, let’s be honest, no one wants to bother with a simulator when the real thing is waiting right outside!) and a Porsche development course where you can get behind the wheel of a Porsche of your choosing. There are a number of Porsche models to choose from that offer a wide range of speed, acceleration and price tags.


Experiences include a driving theory training session, a ride-along with an expert driver and a personalized driving coach that will give you one-on-one instruction to ensure you are safe and adequately prepared to test the limits of these amazing machines on the 1.3-mile handling course.

There is also a Porsche merchandise store and cafe on site for you and your party to enjoy a meal before or after your experience. The Center also has locations in Atlanta, Georgia, and Birmingham, Alabama.


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