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Top 5: Cocktail Bars In London

by Monique Barrett

Sep 4, 2014

© Chris Sargent | Dreamstime


The Artesian:

Awarded the title of “World’s Best Bar” by Drinks International, Artesian in The Langham boasts an innovative and Instagram-able cocktail menu, featuring equally picture-perfect and delicious concoctions. The upscale lounge recently launched a new menu theme, “Unfolding and Exploring,” boasting unique ingredients like leather mushrooms, opium incense and smoke.


© Javier Medrano | Dreamstime

© Javier Medrano | Dreamstime

OXO Tower Bar:

For cocktails with a view, head to the OXO Tower Bar, where guests can savor delicious drinks and small bites as well as views of the London skyline, River Thames and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Chose from an extensive cocktail menu including both traditional and modern styles while taking in unrivalled views of the city.


Beaufort Bar:

Housed in one of London’s most glamorous hotels, the Beaufort Bar in The Savoy delights guests with a unique menu of expertly mixed cocktails and a luxurious setting dripping in gold (more than $60,000 worth). The bar, standing on the same cabaret stage where stars like George Gershwin once performed, offers an impressive Champagne selection and new twists on classics in vintage glassware as well as monthly evenings of cabaret and burlesque.


Good Godfrey’s:

For a pre- or post-theater drink, visit Good Godfrey’s at The Waldorf Hilton, centrally located on The Strand. The bar serves rum, vodka, gin or Champagne-based cocktails created by its award-winning mixologist in a classic atmosphere inspired by the glamour of the 1920s. Splurge with a Waldorf-tini, stirred in a golden shaker and garnished with edible gold.


The Pink Chihuahua:

Dance and grab a drink made by London’s living cocktail legend Dick Bradsell at the Pink Chihuahua, a funky bar nestled in the basement of a popular Mexican restaurant in the heart of Soho. Bradsell trained many of the city’s top bartenders and still shakes and makes his famous cocktails behind the bar, such as the Espresso Martini and Pink Chihuahua.




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