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Top 5: Surf Spots Around Namotu Island, Fiji

by Akhil Kalepu

Feb 6, 2015

© Photogerson | Dreamstime


With tropical weather year-round, Fiji is one of the best places on earth to catch some waves no matter what skill level. The year is divided into two surfing seasons: the heavy winter season that produces big waves and the warmer summer season with lighter winds. No matter when you come, there are plenty of points around the islands to catch some waves. Here are five well-known favorites.



This world-famous spot is known for its left reef breaks. Consistent waves hit the south side of Namotu Island at a number of angles, producing consistent waves that move fast, but it gets very shallow on the inside of the reef. Cloudbreak is regularly rated as one of the top 10 most challenging surfing spots in the world that regularly attracts professionals, so do not attempt unless you’ve been surfing a while.


Namotu Lefts

If Cloudbreak looked too intense for you, Namotu Lefts is an un-crowded spot that offers relaxation and adrenaline, depending on the waves. Its known for having year-round waves over an exposed reef that provides long rides up to 100 meters. Waves can get up to 16 feet high, but the short, under six-foot waves are perfect for longboarders, windsurfers and paddleboarders, as well.



Named after what it faces, Restaurants is referred to as “Cloudbreak’s Little Brother.” The waves break left much like its older brother, but are usually smaller and more accessible for the intermediate surfer. Restaurants is known for getting perfect tubes lasting up to 15 seconds, earning it a reputation as a “skate park in the water.”



A popular spot suitable for all skill levels, Wilkes is a consistent right barrel over the exposed Malolo Barrier Reef. Waves are around six feet high, but it’s not uncommon to get a wave above 10 feet. For the best waves, come around high tide for winds coming from the northeast, but be wary of the crowds.


Swimming Pools

The bright blue waters of Swimming Pools are best suited for surfers looking to relax and have some fun rides. Clean groundswells from the deep ocean offer fast but easy rights that range from five to 12 feet high. For the best rides, come at rising or falling tide during the winter season. Swimming Pools’ close proximity to Namotu means it can also get crowded.



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