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Travel Back to Old San Francisco

by Akhil Kalepu

Aug 20, 2014

© Pontus | Dreamstime


San Francisco has a rich history dating back centuries. Originally settled by the Ohlone tribe and signed to the United States in 1848, modern day journeymen can visit these historic sites to get a taste of what made this city.


Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary:

The most famous prison in the world is situated on Alcatraz Island and just a ferry ride from Pier 33. Once home to infamous criminals like Al Capone and Whitey Bulger, the prison has a reputation for having an eerie atmosphere, though that doesn’t stop more than 1.5 million people from visiting the island every year.


Haas-Lilienthal House:

The only Victorian era home in San Francisco to withstand the test of time, this house is now open as a museum to preserve the city’s architectural history. Designed by Bavarian architect Peter R. Schmidt, the exterior contains several Victorian features and is primarily a Queen Anne style. The home also contains authentic furniture and artifacts and is the only private home to be open to the public.

The Cliff House, San Francisco © Vasart234 | Dreamstime

The Cliff House, San Francisco © Vasart234 | Dreamstime


Camera Obscura on the Cliff House:

Located just north of Ocean Beach, the Camera Obscura was built in 1946 on the terrace of the Cliff House. A rotating metal hood allows light to enter the building, and through a set of mirrors and lenses, the device projects a moving image of its surroundings onto a table in the black room. The Cliff House is also more than 150 years old and houses two restaurants.


Roxie Theater:

The oldest continuously operating movie theater in San Francisco originally opened its doors in 1909 as the C.H. Brown Theater. It had a tumultuous history, undergoing several name changes and renovations. In 2010, it was re-established as a community based non-profit and has since become an oasis for the independent film community.



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