Try Gin-Gin Ginger Chews to Fight Motion Sickness

by Bridey Heing

Jan 30, 2015

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For those who have a sensitive stomach, travel can be a minefield of jostling rides and heat-induced nausea. Finding ways to keep your stomach calm when those familiar aches start growing is a must if motion sickness or general sensitivity threatens a fun adventure. One way to do so is to keep a few Gin-Gin Ginger Chews handy.


Ginger is a naturally soothing ingredient, and when taken when pain starts, it can help keep nausea at bay. Gin-Gin’s individually wrapped chews are the perfect, travel-safe way to keep ginger at your fingertips without worrying about preparation. Just unwrap one of the candies and pop it in your mouth. These chews are extra chewy, so work the tacky treat between your teeth to give your tummy a steady dose of gingery goodness.


If the spicy tang of ginger isn’t for you, Gin-Gin also offers flavored chews. Orange and peppermint will help cut the flavor while giving you all the benefits, plus some Vitamin C from the citrus and additional soothing from the mint. At just a few bucks per bag, it’s an economically friendly way to keep your stomach in check, and the chews are so tasty you’ll happily snack on them even when the bout of sickness passes.


Gin-Gin Ginger Chews are available at markets such as Target and Whole Foods, at health stores and online.



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