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Under $100: Louisville, Ky.

by Holly Godbey

Mar 26, 2015

Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville, Kentucky © Thomas Kelley | Dreamstime

North America

Planning a trip to the Kentucky Derby this year? Why not stay a few extra days and see what else the city has to offer? Louisville is more than just horse racing, and you can check it out for yourself for under $100.


For breakfast, try out the Blue Dog Bakery, where the owners churn out authentic artisan breads and serve a small menu of breakfast and lunch foods. Breakfast sandwiches start at $8 and include tasty options like poached free-range eggs with Serrano ham, spinach and Parmesan.


Famous baseball bats at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Kentucky © Lou Oms | Flickr

Famous baseball bats at the Louisville Slugger Museum © Lou Oms | Flickr


Next, you can go over to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, where you can catch a few pictures beside the giant bat outside before heading inside where you’ll not only learn the history of the Louisville Slugger, but also see them being made right in front of you. You can even pick up your own personalized bat on the way out. Tickets are $12 for adults.


Chickpea & Country Ham Fritters Treviso at Proof on Main, Louisville, Kentucky © Edsel Little | Flickr

Chickpea & Country Ham Fritters Treviso at Proof on Main © Edsel Little | Flickr


When it’s time for lunch, book a table at Proof on Main, a restaurant and bar that’s not only committed to using locally-sourced ingredients, but also stocks more than 75 Kentucky bourbons. The lunch menu begins at $11 and features more than a few affordable and tempting options including their Proof bison burger, a cauliflower “steak” sandwich and southern fried chicken.


The Muhammad Ali Center's Star Fountain in Louisville, Kentucky © Local Louisville | Flickr

The Muhammad Ali Center’s Star Fountain © Local Louisville | Flickr


You can spend your afternoon wandering around an award-winning museum — The Muhammad Ali Center. There are six main pavilions in the museum with six different themes pertaining to Muhammad Ali’s life — confidence, conviction, dedication, respect, giving and spirituality. With quite a few exhibits, an art gallery and several temporary exhibits, there’s always something interesting for everyone. Admission is $9.


For dinner, try Garage Bar, which is literally an old garage converted into a restaurant, where you can get everything from a Brussels sprouts pizza to a Kentucky ham tasting platter. The restaurant prides itself on being “farm to garage” and even has a list on its website of the nearby farms where it procures its ingredients. Dinner offerings start at $11.



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