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US Airways

by Matt McNeal

Aug 25, 2014

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I recently traveled economy class from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. The flight was early on a Sunday morning, and everything pre-flight ran smoothly.  I had flown US Airways in the past and was never very impressed. They were always a bit “frugal” on board. Although with the merger with American Airlines already underway, I was curious to see if they had adapted any new standards or procedures.


Unfortunately, not only was I extremely disappointed with the frugalness of the airline, I was also disappointed with the lack of control the flight attendants had over passengers.


Upon boarding, I noticed a male in his early teens being rather obnoxious in his seat.  He was kneeling and standing in the aisle while people were trying to board, and talking to every passenger in his general area. It was obvious this was his first trip without his parents. I was hoping once everyone sat, the kid would settle down a little bit, but it only got worse — and the flight attendants did not do a thing about it!  Throughout the entire flight, the kid was out of his seat, walking up and down the plane talking to random people. It was apparent some of the passengers were thinking, “Is a flight attendant going to do something about this?” I must also add, it was not as if the flight attendants didn’t see him. They were actually forced to walk around him numerous times because he was never in his seat.


US Airways offered snacks, but only for a price. I guess it must be a luxury for them to give out pretzels or peanuts. I can’t imagine how lovely first class must be! They probably have snacks for half the price.


Word of advice, don’t fly US Airways until they are fully integrated with American Airlines.


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