Visit the Celtic Highlands of Nova Scotia

by Angelique Platas

Sep 26, 2016

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada © Bcbounders | Dreamstime

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Cape Brenton Island lies on the Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia. The Celtic culture, gorgeous highlands and ocean views make this destination ideal for any outdoor adventurer, year-round.


The cliff-side, scenic drives show off miles of land, seaside and pine trees filling out the Canadian territory. Cape Breton Island also offers countless countryside farmers markets and artisan shops, in addition to the popular boating expeditions for whale watching and dinner tours for fine dining and dancing.


Lighthouses pepper the coast of the island and are available for tours. The history of Nova Scotia is quiet a draw for the island as well, with 27 museums and several living history sites, one of the most famous being the Fortress of Louisbourg.


Visitors can stick to any one of the many outdoor activities available year-round. Hiking any of the many trails allow for notoriously picturesque, panoramic views, but there are many amazing biking locations, golf courses and camp sites for visitors to fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


The Scottish culture left over from a bygone era is present in the music, dancing and even cuisine of the island.


Since the Cape is surrounded with fresh salmon, this region is ideal for seafood lovers and fine dining.


Recently, Cape Breton Island has been showcased as a refuge for Americans to escape if the election doesn’t go their way. Whatever the case may be, the island has a lot to offer for any tourist looking for a low-key, fair weather, scenic getaway.




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