TripIt Update: App Informs Travelers of Security Line Wait Times

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Since its introduction on the travel scene, the popular mobile app TripIt served as a veritable pocket concierge as it allows travelers to quickly access itineraries (both online and offline), share itineraries with multiple people, sync schedule information with all calendars and edit travel plans on the go.

As of January, travelers who upgrade to the TripIt Pro version of the app will have access to even more information, specifically the approximate wait time they will face at the airport security checkpoint. As early as three hours before the user’s scheduled departure, TripIt will send periodic alerts that display real-time average wait times for the security scanners. In collaboration with iinside’s line-monitoring sensors, TripIt’s time predictions are 98 to 99 percent accurate. This feature is currently only available in four major U.S. airports (Austin (AUS), Denver (DEN), Orlando (MCO) and Phoenix (PHX).

TripIt’s Pro service costs $49 per year and includes a suite of features that alert, monitor, notify, track and share information regarding your travel plans. By signing up for TripIt’s basic (free) version, travelers can forward booking confirmation e-mails and itineraries to a designated TripIt e-mail address, where the info will be aggregated and displayed in an easy-to-access format for future use on the app. 

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