Wealers Premium Solar Shower Bag

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Depending on your camping experience, you may fall into one of two categories of campers: the type who doesn’t mind getting a bit dirty and not showering for a day or two (hey, it’s part of the experience!) or the type who absolutely cannot go 24 hours without a decent full-body rinse also known as a shower. For the latter group, bathing options are likely limited in the great outdoors, but thankfully there is a product that can let you shower at any time in any place.

Wealers Premium Shower Bag is a soft, foldable product that can store easily in your camping gear. When it’s time for a long-awaited shower, fill the bag with up to 5 gallons (20 liters) of water from any water source and let the sun work its magic to heat the water to a desirable temperature. Use the rope and hanging bar to affix the bag to a tree branch and let it hang above you. Slide the nozzle to “on” to start the water flow through the 13-hole shower head, using the flexible 21-inch plastic tubing for a thorough cleanse.

While designed and named for camping excursions, the shower bag also comes in handy at the beach or at your next music festival.

Made from environmentally friendly and non-toxic PVC material, the shower bag can be purchased at WalMart for $19.99 or on for varying prices, plus shipping.

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