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Under $100: Prague

by Kristy Alpert

Dec 4, 2014

Prague Castle, Czech Republic © Craggs | Dreamstime

Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic © Jennifer Barrow | Dreamstime

Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic © Jennifer Barrow | Dreamstime

The city of Prague has long been viewed as one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. Stunning architecture and breathtaking views alongthe river aside, part of this city’s magic and allure is that it is incredibly affordable for Europe.


Start the day off with a hearty breakfast at the popular Café Savoy where $7 buys you a continental breakfast of toast, organic Emmenthal cheese, a soft-boiled egg, homemade bread, farm butter, homemade jam, coffee with milk, cocoa or tea.


From there, head to Prague Castle across the river and bite the bullet with the ticket for $12.50 (it’s worth it to get the chance to see the exact spot where the infamous Defenestration of Prague happened). After the castle, stroll freely along the winding cobblestoned streets to take in the amazing architecture as you head toward the Absintherie Museum to get a real taste of this quality spirit. The trip to the museum will debunk any green fairy hopes you may have, but the lineup of 60 varieties of absinthe will help soothe the disheartening revelation (tasting plate of four absinthes costs $15), and acts as a great segue to take a look at the nearby, and recently repainted, Lennon Wall.


After the museum, head over to the National Museum — where entrance is free on the first Monday of each month — after grabbing a quick lunch at Ovocný Světozor, where you can order as many chlebicek (open-faced sandwiches) as you’d like for around $1 each (they’re only a few bites each).


Before the sun sets, make sure to position yourself near the iconic 14th-century Charles Bridge for a free show of stunning proportions as the city transforms into a romantic nightscape. From there, end your night at Lokal to feast and drink some of the Czech Republic’s best beers with a crowd of locals (it’s a favorite spot for most of the city’s best chefs, so stay late to grab a pint with local celebrities like Oldřich Sahajdák). A steak with chive butter ($12), potato dumplings ($1.75), steamed cabbage ($2) and a beer ($2 for .5L) will set you back a whopping $17.75.



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