Under $100 / Europe
Nov 19, 2018

Under $100: Kosice, Slovakia

Slovakia’s second-largest city is a nice place to spend a day, and you can do so on a budget, too.

Work and Play in Italy

ONCE THE FINAL MEETING WRAPS and the last contract is signed and sealed with a handshake, what’s next? Do you catch a flight back home or do you take advantage of the destination? If your next business trip is to Italy, we suggest adding a few more days to explore the country’s most amazing hot spots. Make time for more than a mouthwater- ing Italian meal in these three cities.

Under $100 / Europe
Nov 17, 2018

Under $100: Cornwall, England

Cornwall is where the land meets the sea. It’s a beautiful area of England that doesn’t get the attention it deserves from travelers. This underrated destination has great beaches that look like pictures from an island.

Under $100 / Europe
Nov 6, 2018

Under $100: Cascais

If you are traveling to Portugal, your itinerary must include a day in the town of Cascais. Located outside of Lisbon, this coastal town has many beaches, museums and public places to explore. If you want to spend the day in Cascais cheaply, this guide will provide a great jumping-off point.

Work and Play in Italy

Once business concludes, a world of wonder awaits in many of Italy’s incredible cities.

Under $100 / Europe
Nov 4, 2018

Under $100: Moscow, Russia

If you end up in Russia’s capital city, here’s how to spend the day sightseeing and exploring for less than $100.