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Under $100 / Europe
Apr 7, 2020

Under $100: Brussels, Belgium

Start your day with breakfast at L’Equilibre. It makes great club sandwiches. We recommend the Italian Club made from Italian ham, eggplant, Parmesan, pesto, and arugula, with soup of the day and bread ($10).

Destinations / Africa
Mar 19, 2020

Under $100: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Just off the western coast of North Africa is a chain of islands that, although they belong to Spain, feel worlds away from the mainland. Majestic volcanoes, serene beaches and variety from island to island make the Canary Islands a worthy vacation destination. When opting to visit the island of Tenerife and when not hiking along the rugged coastline or climbing to Spain’s highest point, including the mainland, spend a day in the port city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, one of the biggest towns on the island, and you can do so on a budget.

Destinations / Europe
Feb 4, 2020

Under $100: Paris, France

Paris is a must-see destination and one that retains its charm no matter how many times you are lucky enough to return. Here’s how to see it on a budget.

Destinations / Europe
Jan 19, 2020

UNDER $100: Rome, Italy

Start your day by heading to Coming Out . Order the Cotto and mozzarella omelet and tea ($12). Enjoy breakfast with a view of the Colosseum.

Destinations / Europe
Dec 18, 2019

Under $100: Ciutadella, Menorca

Located on the west coast of the Balearic Island of Menorca is the town of Ciutadella, the island’s former fortress and old capital city which now is the well-preserved Old Town of the island that draws visitors to its cobblestone streets and stunning medieval architecture.

Destinations / Europe
Dec 14, 2019

Under $100: Istanbul

Head to Saade Kahvalti Café to enjoy your first meal of the day. Order the sahanda sucuk and an espresso to stay. Take in the environment while enjoying your meal. (Sahanda sucuk is Turkish salami with egg and pita bread.)