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Ultra-Light Gear from Zerogram

by Jack Guy

Feb 15, 2016

Weminuche Wilderness, Colorado © Donyanedomam | Dreamstime

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Until now South Korean brand Zerogram was not available in the United States, but that is about to change.


The company is renowned for its backpacking gear, which runs the gamut from shelters and cookware to sleeping bags. Zerogram focuses on ultra-lightweight materials and, according to the company website, the brand has become a staple of the outdoor scene in Asia after launching in 2011.


Zerogram will be selling titanium cookware, a small range of shelters and a sleeping bag in the United States, available from the company website. Later on in the year the gear will be made available at selected retailers.


One product is the PCT UL 2 ultralight tent, which is made for two people. First impressions are favorable, although the $390 price tag puts the tent firmly at the premium end of the market. The single pole tent is easy to assemble and disassemble, and it will stand out from the field of competitors thanks to its muted monochrome color scheme.


The company touts its ethical credentials and claims to be working on lighter and lighter equipment to reduce environmental impact. Zerogram also supports Leave No Trace, an NGO that campaigns to reduce environmental exploitation due to backpacking.


Other products on sale include the NeverMind Gold Primaloft sleeping bag ($185.99) and the Whit Wolf NX sleeping bag ($556.95). While the range may be limited at the moment, it’s good to see an ethical company entering the outdoor gear arena.




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