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by Matt Ellis

Sep 12, 2014

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I know, I know… you don’t like the idea of staying in a stranger’s home. “It might be dangerous,” says that voice in your head that sounds a lot like your mother. But on the other hand, how many times have you been disappointed by a hotel room that wasn’t as advertised? How many hospitality establishments felt flat-out inhospitable? After all, we’ve all seen Psycho.


In truth, Airbnb, a site in which real people all over the world list their own rooms for sublet, can give you more security than hotels. For starters, Air BnB reimburses its users on any breach of contract made through the site. So if the listing promised a hot tub and the hot tub broke that week, someone’s got your back. Try getting that deal at a hotel without kicking and screaming.


Just like hotels, the listings range from affordable to luxurious. Some people make good money renting out spaces on Airbnb, and often hostels and bed and breakfasts will put up their own listings on the site. Shared rooms, private rooms, private apartments and private houses are all available, with amenities commensurate with how much you’re willing to pay. There’s also a user review system for both guests and hosts, so it’s easy to separate the beloved spots from the unreliable ones.


Airbnb offers better deals than hotels, access to kitchens if you prefer cooking for yourself and hosts happy to give you suggestions and directions if you don’t know much about where you are. The era of hotels dominating the tourism industry is coming to an end.



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